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Four characteristics of water purification industry

Update:2020-03-20 06:58:39
The problem of water pollution is endless. A large number of netizens and consumers choose to use household water purifiers, The safety of residential water use has attracted more and more attention of the general public. The residents have high requirements for drinking water quality. Drinking water and health have become the focus of public attention. Meanwhile, the water purifier industry is also developing rapidly. Although the domestic market penetration rate of water purifier is not very high, the prospect of water purification industry is considerable. Now, I'd like to summarize the current water purification industry for you Four characteristics of water industry:
1、 The water purifier market is developing steadily and the trend of high-end is obvious. With the improvement of consumption level and quality of life, the majority of water purifier manufacturers are catering to the market, so the water purifier market is becoming increasingly high-end. Features of water purifier industry: obvious advantages of high-end
2、 It is the popularization of reverse osmosis technology: green manufacturing technology is the future development trend. At present, the water purifier market is mainly divided into reverse osmosis technology, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration and so on. Reverse osmosis technology is the mainstream of water purification market. According to the AVC offline data monitoring, the reverse osmosis technology products are increasing year by year, and the activated carbon products are decreasing
At the same time of popularizing reverse osmosis technology, water purifier should also develop to green manufacturing technology. At present, green manufacturing technology has been listed in the national science and technology "12th Five Year Plan". Its goal is to make the product from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to the whole life cycle of scrapping treatment, the minimum negative impact on the environment, the highest utilization of resources, and to make the economic and social benefits of enterprises coordinated and optimized. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, enterprises that do not implement green manufacturing technology will be eliminated in the market competition, so it is imperative to develop green manufacturing technology.
3、 The function of water purifier is developing towards the direction of large flux, long life, high water saving and intelligence. Small flux water purifier products are prone to problems such as small effluent flow, large proportion of waste water, poor filtration effect, etc. Therefore, high-quality products with large flux, convenient and quick, and clean water quality can better meet the needs of users.
Intellectualization has become one of the breakthrough points in the water purifier industry. The whole household appliance industry is advocating intelligence, and water purifier is no exception. The intellectualization of water purifier is mainly manifested in reminding consumers to change filter elements, collecting water quality data, and connecting living services.
4、 The channel sinks. The water purifier is gradually recognized in the urban and rural markets below the third line. The rapid development of China's economy has affected the natural environment to a certain extent. Among them, the water pollution is serious. The black water river, the stinking River and the polluted river full of dead fish are all good evidence of water pollution.

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