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Lurun TANKLIFE Water Purification Equipment Co.,ltd
TANKLIFE Reverse Osmosis tanks are manufactured with the highest rated FDA approved materials and most advanced technologies available. TANKLIFE tanks are the global pioneer in introducing RO tanks with antibacterial butyl diaphragm properties. On top of that, our dust free operated workshop and post curing technologies ensure that any harmful materials are removed from every single diaphragm used in our tanks. This means if you choose TANKLIFE, you choose the most chemical free and bacterial free RO tanks on the market today.
To guarantee long product life and optimal performance, TANKLIFE tanks are manufactured with our patented precision welding technology. Combined with one of the highest mold thickness in the industry, this design means ultra strong structural integrity and a tank weld that always stays intact. To prevent air leaks, TANKLIFE tanks are seals with a double O-ring air charge valve. Therefore, TANKLIFE offers the most safe and maintenance free solution for storing your purified water. TANKLIFE tanks are available in plasteel, metal and plastic RO tank series.

Lurun Water Purification Equipment Co.,ltd