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What is a sample household RO system
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Anti-bacterial drinking water tanks for drinking water
Home quarantine can be distressful and has taught us to appreciate life. At TANKLIFE , we think people deserve to not be worried about their health. Therefore, weve developed anti-bacterial drinking water tank s for access to pure and healt...
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Filter element type of water purifier
Filter element is an important part of water purifier. Do you know how many kinds of filter elements are there? Today, Im going to show you something 1、 Activated carbon filter element The activated carbon filter element is made of high a...
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What are the three core steps of the mainstream water purifi
As we all know, the tap water from ordinary household faucets is domestic water, which can not be directly used for drinking, and many peoples practice is to boil the tap water and then drink it. However, boiling water is only a step of ste...
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Four characteristics of water purification industry
The problem of water pollution is endless. A large number of netizens and consumers choose to use household water purifiers, The safety of residential water use has attracted more and more attention of the general public. The residents have...
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